Public Walkways and Trail Systems – Representative Projects

Trails and walkways add so much to a community that Outlook has actively sought out this kind of work for the past twenty years. Trails and walkways can be complex as there often significant neighbourhood and land tenure issues. Many residents are suspicious of proposed walking connections but we can safely say that all of our projects have become very popular even with the initial doubters. Trails and walkways are less expensive in terms of capital cost and maintenance than any other comparable facility and can be used by all ages from toddlers to seniors.

Paradise Meadows, Strathcona Park Trailhead
Campus Walkways – North Island College Courtenay
One Spot Trail – near Dove Creek Courtenay
Mt Washington Base – summer infrastructure
One Spot Trail Near Cessford Road
One Spot Trail Near Cessford Road
Macdonald Wood Park ‐ Comox
29th Street Walkway ‐ Courtenay
French School ‐ Comox
Royston greenway and viewing stand
Courtenay Riverway near 19th St
Courtenay Riverway near 19th St
Goose Spit Greenway, Comox